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Hot Sale Eureka Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner,C2132B

Hot Sale Eureka Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner,C2132B
Eureka Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner,C2132B

Hot Sale Eureka Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner,C2132B

Hot Sale Eureka Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner,C2132B

Product Specifications

  • Sales Rank: #672962 in Home
  • Brand: Eureka
  • Model: C2132B
  • Dimensions: 10.00" h x15.50" w x21.50" l,

  • Commercial upright vacuum cleaner designed for large, carpeted as
  • Powerful 5 amp motor; 6 carpet-height settings; E-Z Kleen clear dust cup
  • Simple to maneuver; 12-inch cleaning path; wide clear bumper protects furniture
  • Comfortable grip; sturdy chrome handle and switch system; extra-long 30-foot cord
  • Measures 13 by 14 by 46 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Hot Sale Eureka Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner,C2132B

The upright vacuum cleaner is designed to be used on multiple types of carpeting. Do not attempt to use the upright vacuum cleaner on b floors, as damage to the floor covering may result. Above the floor cleaning tools available.

Handle Adjustment
With the tip of the foot, press down to release the handle lock located at the left rear side of the cleaner. Move the handle and adjust it to the desired position for storing upright, operating the cleaner at a comfortable height for the user, and cleaning underneath low furniture.

Power Switch
The power switch is mounted on the motor hood near the handle. Switch style varies by model and may differ from the illustration. A push with the foot turns the motor on; push again to turn the motor off.

EZ Kleen® Dust Cup and Bag
The cloth bag and the dust cup play a very important role in the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. The cloth bag allows air to move through the cleaner while it traps dirt inside the cloth bag and the dust cup. When dirt particles cling to the cloth bag they can restrict airflow, If air cannot p through the cloth bag, no cleaning can take place regardless of how powerful the unit. Some fine particles can restrict airflow very quickly and will decrease performance even before the dust cup appears to be full. For that reason, when vacuuming powder, flour dust, or similar fine substances, it may be necessary to turn off the cleaner and empty the dust cup more often.

Brush Roll
As the brush roll rotates, it sweeps and combs the carpet nap. Remove hair and threads from the brush roll so it continues brushing the carpet nap. When the bristles of the brush roll no longer touch a straight edge held across the bottom plate, the brush roll is ineffective because the bristles no longer touch the carpet nap. To maintain the most effective cleaning, use a new wood brush roll. Replace the brush strips on the chromed steel brush roll.

Adjust the vacuum cleaner height setting to match the carpet pile height. Refer to the following chart of recommended settings for carpet types. The front of the cleaner has either a knob or slide adjustment which raises or lowers the cleaner base to match the type of carpet. With the cleaner cord unplugged, set the adjustment according to the table as a starting point. While the cleaner is off and disconnected from the outlet, place the handle in the operating position, tilt the cleaner back to remove the weight from the wheels, and adjust the setting. Then plug the cleaner into the electrical outlet, turn on the switch, lower the handle, and p the cleaner over the carpet. If the cleaner is still difficult to push, follow the procedure and test the cleaner at the next higher setting. Continue testing the setting until the cleaner is comfortable to move. Moving the knob or slide to the next higher setting raises the brush roll slightly, making the cleaner easier to push. However, the brush roll must make contact with the carpet for effective cleaning.

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